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Tales of the Loved

Windy, a 14-year-old explorer, is about to embark on a quest to love the unloved. Will you join her? An adventure-tale filled to the brim with imagery and camaraderie. The book begins in the Kingdom of Love and brings the characters to new places that challenge them thoroughly. Keep your eyes and ears open as you read and the King of Love just might teach you something himself!   


Excerpt from the book:

The King whispered so sweetly in her ear, “Windy, will you dance with me?”

    She grasped his hand and stood. They began dancing slowly in loops through the drooping tree’s waterfall of leaves. The King of Love looked at her with fatherly love in his eyes. 

    “Windy, my adventurer, I love you,” he said in his caring tone. “And you are so unique. So your love will be the same: unique.” 

    He said those last words so sincerely. She understood. There wasn’t a formula for love. She couldn’t mimic Rocky and Mendy or even the King’s love. Hers would be unique. That was what he needed her to know. That was why she couldn’t pound on doors to convince someone they were loved. It would take intentional acts of kindness over time… Love that only Windy could give. They bowed to each other as if the dance was over. Windy blinked and realized she was sitting right where she was before and didn’t know if it was her imagination or if the King had really been there. But she felt his love in her heart and knew the dance had been real.


“As believers, we can all attest to the fascination and wonder we have with classical Christian fiction novelists such as George Macdonald, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. They were the scribes of the Lord during their day, revealing the deep mysteries of God through fantasy worlds we could get lost in, characters we could connect with and stories that have captivated the hearts of readers for nearly a century.
However, as much as we can reread these beloved books time and time again with great enjoyment, where are the modern Christian novelists?
Where are the new fiction books for today with a fresh outlook on Christian themes such as the story of the Gospel, the battle of the Apocalypse, Christ’s imminent return and more? 
Caroline Hand provides a hopeful response to this question through her classical Christian fairytale, Tales of the Loved.
Telling a story simple and playful enough to easily touch the hearts of children, her rich truths penetrate the souls of adult readers as well through pages clearly inspired by her own intimate encounters with Christ. 
Journeying through the pages of Tales is like discovering a secret, heavenly wonderland where Jesus will undoubtably become even more of a real and present friend, much in the way Aslan has done for each of us. 
And yet, while her storytelling does contain similar features as the classical books we all love, there is a richness of revelation that is entirely her own and never been communicated with the world before now.
For such a time as this, Caroline effortlessly communicates the essential elements of the Christian faith and the story of the Bible through beloved characters, an enchanting Kingdom, an engaging plot line and more. 
If you are looking for a brand new Christian fairytale fit for the whole family, look no further! Tales is sure to both delight you and deepen you and your children’s personal relationships with God unlike any book released in this day and age.”
Lauren Steffes


Tales of the Loved has truly given me an inside look of Jesus’s heart for His children and the entire world and how it’s all interconnected. How His great love for us is the same He feels for every person and His desire to bring them all into His kingdom. How His ministry of love isn’t one way, but He uses each one of us uniquely, individually, yet all together to accomplish this. My favorite parts are The King of Love’s interactions with the main three characters individually.”

Tyler Canada