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Catch the Spark

by: Caroline Hand //// June 7, 2022

Oh LORD make us people of prayer:

Would we seek You in the morning, afternoon, evening, & night.

Would we look for you in the crevices of our days.

Would we search for you in the shelves of our hearts.


Oh LORD make us people of prayer:

Would we pray “with the intensity that must come from a heart that is trying to catch the spark of divine love.”*

Would we pray in a never-giving-up-until-You-bless-us kind of way (Genesis 32:26).

Would we be doers of your word (James 1:22).

Would we grow as we learn to know you better and better (Colossians 1:10).


God make us people of prayer.

Rub our eyes with Your healing saliva (Mark 8:22).

Put Your fingers in our ears (Mark 7:33).

Place Your hand upon our hearts.


Jesus we want to be people of prayer.

We want to seek You.

We want to know You better & better.

Keep our perspective, our gaze, our hope, our longing pure and secure, resting in You.

We sit next to You, Jesus.

We breathe in Your goodness & listen.


Holy Spirit teach us to be people of prayer (John 14:26).

The ones who knock and keep knocking. 

Ones who never give up, never stop waiting.

Ones who have caught the spark.

Ones whose hearts burn for you (Luke 24:32).





*from the book Holiness for Housewives by Hubert Van Zeller