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Creator God

by: Caroline Hand //// August 28, 2021

Creator God

It was You who set our planet into motion,

who breathed life onto the deep,

who spoke and complex beings came to be.


Creator God

It was You who put puffy white clouds into the sky,

who made the light blue my eyes are drawn to,

who made the towering trees with their leaves that like to shimmy in the wind.


Creator God

It was You who formed the speckled fawns in my backyard who with curiosity munch on grass and frolic daintily,

and made the mama deer who’s always beautifully on guard.


Creator God

It was You who created the toddler peacefully asleep on my bed, 

who created this time for me to rest as I dwell on Your unending creativity.


Thank you, Creator God, for your intricate wisdom and sustaining love.