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Ode to the God of Daylight

by: Caroline Hand //// September 14, 2021

Inspired by Job 38-39

Great God of Daylight

You’ve given us the sun to live by

You’ve given us bright mornings and peace-filled evenings

You’ve given us wild sunrises and hope-filled sunsets

You’ve given us laughter in the clouds

All praise to You, Star Maker.

You set the planets in motion

You created sun and moon

You delight in your creation

You love to watch it move

You are the Hero of the stars; the One they shine for

And here we are in awe of You, 

Great God of Daylight.

Holiness untouchable

Brightness unfathomable

We see You only as a shadow

Great God of Daylight.

All praise to You, Sun Maker

Your presence touches everything

Your warmth begets hope in our hearts

Your fire is our delight

May You be known in this land

Great God of Daylight.

You are as obvious as the sun

So may our blind eyes be opened to see

Your consistent movement in our everyday.

All praise to You, Moon Maker,

Great God of Daylight.