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Deep Breathing

by: Caroline Hand //// March 26, 2021

I need all the help I can get to remind myself to breathe deeply and take things slowly. My thoughts seem perpetually entangled with the things to come and in a mad rush to prepare in all the ways I can. So, when it comes to quieting my mind — even just a tiny little bit — any resources are a delight for me to find.

Here’s one I created for you. 

My friend, let’s live life with pauses in it. With moments for our minds to come to a rolling stop and really see what’s going on around us. Really reflect on the evidence of goodness that’s sprouting there. Blooming there. & the best way I know how to slow down is through breathing: deep and slow and full. I love (but, confess, I rarely do) the spiritual practice of breath prayers: inhaling while quietly speaking one word and exhaling while quietly speaking another. Below are some hand-picked ones. You may find it helpful to begin or end your slow, intentional breathing by listening to one of the related song options. 

Breath Prayer 1 — inhale: Jesus — exhale: You’re beautiful

Songs: “Jesus you’re beautiful” by Jon Thurlow & “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham

Breath Prayer 2 — inhale: Holy Spirit — exhale: have Your way

Songs: “We have come” by Will Reagan & “With Everything” by Hillsong

Breath Prayer 3 — inhale: Father — exhale: I belong to You 

Song: “Do you know the way you move Me” by Cory Asbury