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by: Caroline Hand //// January 24, 2024

“Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused in your prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving.” Colossians 4:2


God, would we look to you in utter devotion – overflowing with gratitude.

A basketful of thanks anew! 

Always, we look to You for guidance – to feel Your loving kindness shining on us. 

But, also, would You take this pen and paper, afresh, and let it be a new offering to You.

Lord, thank You for the sweet busyness of life – of constant to-dos. Thank You for the goodness You have nestled in each nook of our days.

You’re there. You’re with us. Whispering sweetly, “I love you.”

So here’s some more praise back to You, My Comforter, My Hope, My Guide, My Companion, My Loving King: 

I will listen and obey You.

My days are my fresh offering of devotion. 

I love You.