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Dreamy Future


Now that you’ve created a Rule of Life, let’s dive deeper into your Dreams for the Future! God has prepared things for us that are way better than anything we could possibly think or imagine (1). He has placed gifts and desires within us and seeing them used and fulfilled is like a tree of life blooming before our eyes, except this tree is flourishing within your heart (2). God Himself dreamed of creating you and now here you are! (3) God Himself is a dreamer speaking things into being, and so are we: creative artists for His Kingdom (4). May these activities below help you explore these depths of your dreamy future.

First, here are some questions to help you explore your desires, dreams, and giftings.

Write out your answers & make lists on a piece of paper.

1. What are you naturally drawn to? (Ideas: nature, technology, people, animals, math, art, science, medicine, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, playing sports, being with friends, making friends, talking, listening, silence & solitude, learning, playing games)

2. What do you currently do that include your desires and giftings?

3. What do you think you could do to incorporate your desires and giftings into your life?

Next, here are some questions to help you explore your answers with a Kingdom mindset.

Write out your answers & make lists on a piece of paper.

1. What doors has God opened in your life to use your giftings already?

2. What would it look like to use your time and resources for the Kingdom of God? To act justly, love mercy, walk humbly (5).

3. What gifts do you feel like God wants you to develop right now? You might have many giftings from God, so choose a few.

Finally, reflect on your answers.

Read about the desires and gifts you wrote down.

Circle, highlight, and write out one or two dreams you feel God breathing on.

That might be your focus in the stage 4 activity 🙂

Here is an example for you: 

  • God has gifted me with writing, so I will write a blog twice a month to encourage those around me. 

I hope you find these questions and your reflections thought provoking in diving into your dreams! 

Prayer: May God open your mind and heart to the possibilities before you. May you feel worthy of the personality God has given you and the natural inclinations that come with it. May God use all of your activities and pursuits for His good and glory. May He lead you steadily on the journey to know what He has assigned you in this short life. And may you be met by wonder each step of the way.


(1) Ephesians 3:20

(2) Proverbs 13:12

(3) Psalm 139:13

(4) Genesis 1 (all of it)

(5) Micah 6:8