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Fun Budget


Now that you’ve created a Rule of Life and considered your Dreamy Future, let’s look at some Fun Budgeting! Budgeting is a key tool when taking control of your finances and deciding where to spend your money (1). Oftentimes, people let businesses, marketing companies, and other people tell them where to spend their money, instead of letting God and your priorities and dreams direct your finances (2). Imagine the freeing feeling of knowing where your money is going and being the one who decides where it is spent and saved (3).


Task One: 

Below is a link to a Google Spreadsheet I created (ok, mostly my husband created…) to dictate where our finances go. 

1. Click on the link (or copy and paste it in a new tab).

2. Under the “File” Tab, press “Make a copy”

Task Two: 

After studying and reviewing the spreadsheet, make it your own!!!

Possibly helpful questions:

1. What do you naturally feel God leading you to spend your finances on?

2. What are your dreams?

3. What would you like to save money for?

Budgeting is foundational to a Kingdom perspective on your finances and life. 

Prayer: May God speak to you in ways that help you see how important simple budgeting can be. May hope, never discouragement, rise in your hearts as you explore how to delegate your finances. May Holy Spirit take your hand and lead you into deeper depths of the Kingdom with your renewed perspective of finances completely surrendered to God. 


(1) Luke 14:28

(2) Proverbs 3:9

(3) Psalm 16:6

* The budget is based off of Dave Ramsey’s recommended percentages of how much money should be spent in which category. However, if you are in debt, I recommend exploring his program, which goes into great detail about how to recover. Ours is a maintenance & saving budget.