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Life Loves

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We are at one of my favorite stages! … Considering your life loves! What has God uniquely placed in your heart? (1) This can be related to your talents and giftings, but doesn’t necessarily have to be! The purpose of this page is to help you discover activities that help you come alive and bring more joy into your life. Maybe its painting on Saturday mornings. Or finding trails to walk that fill you with wonder! My dream is that these next questions and suggestions will bring more beauty into your life.


Bringing beauty into your life that is unique to you!

Here are some questions to get you thinking… 

1. What do I like doing in my day-to-day life?

2. What do I wish I spent less time doing?

3. What do I hope to spend more time doing in the future?

4. What did I love doing as a child that I don’t make time for any more?

5. What was my favorite subject in school? (elementary, middle, high school, college) & is there a way I could explore more into those subjects? 

6. What would it look like for me to bring more beauty into my day-to-day?



  • Traveling: Save for & book a trip to a country you have never been to before. As you prepare for the trip be sure to include activities you love and exclude activities you don’t. Just because you feel pressured to visit the top tourist spots doesn’t mean you have to! 
  • Hiking: Invite a friend to join you on one of your favorite hikes, instead of going by yourself. (Telling myself this one haha.) Or find a new trail you haven’t hiked before. Maybe pack a picnic with you!
  • Art: Look into local studios for classes (could be weekly or just for one night!) Also, a college nearby might offer an introductory course to your subject of interest! (Pottery, drawing, photography…)
  • Cooking: You can do the same thing as above or simply try a new recipe! Pick a theme (Italian, French, Mexican…) and be as authentic as possible (even dessert!) Tip: your local library, I’m sure, as a gazillion cookbooks just waiting for you to flip through! 
  • Sports: Join a neighborhood or community team! Or simply add that activity to your weekly/monthly routine.
  • Animals: Adopt one! Or offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk. Or go visit an aquarium or zoo for the day!
  • Reading: Ask people you admire what their favorite books are or re-read one of your childhood favorites.
  • Writing: Make it a goal to free write a few times a week. Look up or come up with some random writing prompts.


May beauty follow you and be all around you as you incorporate more joy into your life. 

Prayer: May you fill your time with things that bring you and other people joy (2). May hope rise in your heart as you pursue delight and rest (3, 4). And with the cup of your heart being filled to the brim, may you find that you have more time and energy to serve the neediest of those around you (5, 6, 7).  


(1) Psalm 139:13

(2) Psalm 16:11

(3) Romans 15:13

(4) Matthew 11:28-30

(5) Psalm 81:10

(6) Isaiah 40:31

(7) Acts 20:35