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Names of God

by: Caroline Hand //// March 12, 2022

Prayer: Holy of Holies, we come before you now. We raise the chalice of our lives to you, in celebration and surrender. You know best, Daddy God. Give us wisdom. Help us honor you. We want to increase in gratitude. We love you & want to love you more. Shake our foundation and let only what pleases you stay standing. Amen.

God is…..

Lover of our souls

Relentless pursuer

Joy bringer

Gentle Comforter

Absolute Healer

Sovereign King

Righteous One

Holy of Holies

Creative Maker

Daddy God

Loving Savior

Ultimate Redeemer

Prince of Peace

Perfect Provider

Hope bringer

Steadfast One

Entirely faithful

Coming for us.


Go back and choose a name that resonates with you and linger on it for a minute or two (or longer). Sit with the attribute. Hold it in your hands and thank the Creative Maker that He is fighting for us to make this a reality in our lives today.


Peace be with you!