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Praying with the Hours

by: Caroline Hand //// October 12, 2020

There is something special about spreading your awareness over the hours of a day. Watching the brightly gilded sun sink below the trees. Enjoying the first breaths of a fresh, crisp morning. Casting a glance at a star-laden sky. Breathing deeply during a mid-morning rush. Watching as the sun and clouds, winds, and shadows move throughout the day. Choosing to see them. Training your body to be aware, to be still, to be awake.   

So, let’s do that right now. Glance at the hour on your clock and find the coordinating prayer or create one of your own 🙂

Dawn 4-6am Similar to the gentle lightening of the sky, may You awaken my heart, oh Lord.   

Sunrise & Morning 7-8am This new day is here, may I be attentive to its goodness. Amen.

Late Morning 9-11am I pause and thank You, God, for the work You have assigned me today.  

Noon 12-1pm Jesus, I recognize this as the turning point of my day. I take a deep breath and invite you here into this space. 

Mid-Afternoon 2-4pm As the sun shifts, my heart lifts the burdens of my day to You, oh Lord. 

Late afternoon 5-6pm Just as the sun is never in a rush, I settle into determined unhurriedness as my day nears its end. 

Sunset & Evening 7-9pm The sun sets and my day ends and I surrender these completed hours to You. 

Night 10pm-3am With holy reverence, Jesus, I still and listen in the peacefulness of the dark.