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Strategic $


Your last stage! Strategic Money Making! Hooray! How do you feel? This stage explores different ways you could possibly use your talents and giftings as avenues to earn money financially while blessing others simultaneously (1). We want to steward well the gifts God gives us (2, 3). Having multiple streams of income puts us in a position of possibly blessing others by offering services beneficial to them and also giving more to the local church, world-wide missionaries, and the marginalized in society (4, 5). Let’s get to work!

First, here are some questions to help you remember your gifts and talents & explore ways you could use them more!

Write out your answers & make lists on a piece of paper.

1. What are you naturally drawn to? (Ideas: nature, technology, people, animals, math, art, science, medicine, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, playing sports, being with friends, making friends, talking, listening, silence & solitude, learning, playing games)

2. In what ways does your job (& daily life) currently include some of these things you are naturally drawn to?

4. What do you think you could do to incorporate more of your desires and giftings into your life?

5. What doors is God opening to use your giftings?


Talents in bold. Money making ideas follow. Enjoy!  : )

  • Home Making: Help organize homes of people you know  
  • Animal Care Taking: Turn your home into a weekend retreat for dogs
  • Investing: Look into the stock market to see if that’s your cup of tea!
  • Coffee: Roast your own and sell it
  • Walking: Take dogs (or people!) on walks with you
  • Working out: Start a morning or evening group & lead exercises
  • Art: Sell on a website or at a local farmers’ market
  • Cooking: Blog or make meals for others!
  • Sports: Teach lessons to younger kids & beginners
  • Writing: Gather your work & publish it
  • Fixing things: Whether it’s computers or homes, offer your services to others
  • Building: Work on a few projects you could sell
  • Plants: Go ahead and garden! Sell your extras locally
  • Teaching: Offer a class on whatever your passion is
  • Hand writing: Write wedding invitation addresses
  • Nature: Lead hikes for beginner groups
  • Photography: Take pictures of friends and family

May these ideas bring you hope and confidence that you can use every bit of your talents for good & Godly purposes!

Prayer: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (6). May Holy Spirit bring to mind specific income increasing activities that you can do to bless those around you (7). May you always have hope and joy as your best friends leading you on this journey deeper into the heart of God and deeper into loving those around you (8, 9).


(1) Matthew 25:19-21

(2) 1 Peter 4:10

(3) James 1:17

(4) Proverbs 3:9

(5) 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

(6) Romans 15:13

(7) Matthew 5:16

(8) Isaiah 40:31

(9) Mark 12:30-31