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The Importance of Presence

by: Caroline Hand //// December 7, 2020


As you sit or stand and hold this technological device in your hands or before your eyes, do a body scan. Start at your toes, wiggle them. Move to your ankles, circle them one way and then another. Embrace the crackling, the release of air. Imagine that as tension leaving your body. Now think about love moving through you. Up through your calves, knees, thighs. If there are any painful places in your body, send an extra breath that way. Now, imagine love moving up your bum, lower back and spine. Next, shift your shoulders forward, up, back, and down. Circle your wrists one way and then another. Slightly let your head dip towards one shoulder and then the other. Pause in places that you notice need extra attention. Now look up. Shift your chin upwards. Feel the stretch along the front of your neck. 

From that position of looking upwards, imagine angels descending from heaven before you. You could picture Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28:10-17). And now, shift your head down, feeling a stretch along the back of your neck. Imagine in this position that you are joining the angels in praise to the Living, Loving God who was and is and is to come (Revelation 4:8). Now set your head back to neutral. You’ve completed your body scan! Let it rest for a second. Don’t you just feel better from those simple presence-based movements? 

Feel your feet upon the floor. You are here. You are present. 

Next, imagine Jesus walking through your door (or wall! John 20:19). He is full of peace and simply being near Him, you feel peace, too. His compassionate smile and everlasting joy radiates into the very core of you. Smile. Let his joy and peace wash over you again and again. Imagine him coming to sit across from you. He’s captivated by you and your attention towards him. He loves when you look to him. Remember, he is with you always, to the very end of the age. So finish your day in style, with Jesus perpetually by your side (Matthew 28:20).