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by: Caroline Hand //// April 6, 2021

Psalm 27:14

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” (NIV)

“Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: 

Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; 

be entwined as one with the Lord.

Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope.

Yes, keep on waiting — for he will never disappoint you!” (TPT)

Imagine you are at a train station. The ground below you is lined with burgundy bricks and cream-colored cement. Red steam engines come and go. But you know your train hasn’t yet come. You watch as other folk file into the different trains. And you wait. And wait. At some points you begin to doubt. Was I supposed to have gotten on one? What is taking my train so long? Will I know what mine looks like? These thoughts creep into your mind, but your heart is steadfast and sure. You know deep within you that your train is coming and that you must wait. Every time your hope seems to trickle to an end, you gain a new wave of faith, certain that your train is on the way. You keep waiting. Later, a train conductor walks out of the building behind you to greet you. He’s curious why you’ve been waiting so long. Embarrassment floods you a little, but you simply shrug and say, “Everything in God’s timing.” He nods and hands you a book from his pocket called Hinds Feet on High Places. He walks away and you sit and read the whole thing. Then, after another long while, you glance up and see a train approaching, billowing clouds of steam from its chimney. You smile and know. This is the one. You stand. As the train slows to a stop, feet from you, you watch as the door opens and Jesus walks out. His smile is wide as he states appreciatively, “You waited.”