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Seek First

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness
and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Matthew 6:33

Seek First:

is a hopeful financial ministry with a passion to see people pursue their dreams in practical, day-by-day ways. 

Listed below are click-able stages that will bring you to pages which practically detail how to take steps to live a life that you’d like to live. In them, you’ll find a budgeting resource and Scripture infused through the pages. 

Prayer: God, may we be people who listen to Your voice, follow your footsteps, throw away everything that’s not from you, and Seek First Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. Amen.



Creating a “rule of life” helps you to name what is significant in your life and keep you from doing things that aren’t.  


Dreaming of your future gives you stamina and determination to accomplish certain goals and gives you clarity to where you are going in life.


Budgeting is the secret gem to focus your attention on where you are currently spending your money and how you can better allocate your resources for Kingdom purposes.


This stage delves deeper into what you love doing in life right now and how you can incorporate more of what you love into your day-to-day.


Strategizing how you can have multiple streams of income is a neat way to think about how your gifts can be used for Kingdom purposes and further blessing those around you.